Your Child's School and Sports Physical

At Children's Healthcare Associates, our eight pediatricians provide a wide range of services to families in Chicago, IL. One of the most common, but vitally important, the school and sports physicals. This examination evaluates your child for participation in various organized sports and activities so you know your youngster is prepared and safe.

Your child grows and develops

Childhood is all about change. Your child is learning, growing, and developing at a rapid pace, particularly during puberty. You, as the parent, and your child's doctor at Children's Healthcare Associates in Chicago must monitor your child's health, strength, flexibility in relation to his or her peers.

The PPE, or Preparticipation Physical Evaluation, so named by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), examines your child's fitness for sports--in school, through community organizations, and private instruction. More than just a checklist of abilities and concerns, your child's school and sports physical at our Chicago office lets you know your child's weakness and strengths and how he or she may react to rigorous physical training.

Additionally, your pediatrician will complete the required documentation and update your child's vaccinations as needed. Our office provides that medical eligibility form to those entities and persons who require it.

A school and sports physical include...

  1. Ahead to toe physical examination to include vision and hearing tests, heart and lung evaluation, ear, nose, and throat examination, and more
  2. Strength, joint and reflex evaluation
  3. Determination of stage of puberty
  4. Review of medical history, including injuries, chronic conditions, and family history
  5. Menstrual health
  6. Cardiac function
  7. Emotional and mental wellness

Besides these wellness checks, the PPE provides doctors, children, and parents the opportunity to discuss injury prevention, management of chronic conditions, and other issues related to the specific sport.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that few children and teens are disqualified for sports on the basis of the PPE. However, the examination provides information important to your child's overall growth, development, and health management. Accordingly, this physical exam is your tool in keeping your child at his or her very best.

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If your youngster needs a school or sports physical, contact us for an appointment in our Chicago, IL, office. Call a month to six weeks prior to the documentation due date. We look forward to seeing you! Call Children's Healthcare Associates at (773) 348-8300.

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