• Healthy Eating Habits for Teens
    It’s an old cliche–but it’s rooted in truth: Teenagers eat. And they tend to eat a lot. For parents, this can inspire a little bit of…envy. Teenagers, the cliche goes, Read more
  • Exploring Newborn Senses
    Puppies and kittens (and many other mammals) are famously born with their eyes closed. But that isn’t true for humans. In fact, human newborns come into the world with all Read more
  • Understanding Infant Reflexes: What They Mean for Your Baby
    Reflexes are fast, automatic reactions that–in general–help keep you safe. They can also be quite informative when it comes to your health and wellness–especially for infants. Infant reflexes are often Read more
  • Preparing Your Kids for Puberty
    Most parents remember going through puberty–and not all of those memories are pleasant ones. In fact, for some, puberty may have been downright traumatic. Thankfully, we’ve learned a lot since Read more
  • Understanding Teen Mental Health
    There’s a cliche in popular culture that teenagers are overly dramatic and overly emotional. But the reality is that teens have a lot to deal with. For parents, supporting teen Read more
  • The Benefits of Infant Massage
    For infants and parents, physical contact plays a critical role in communication, emotional regulation, and the formation of important bonds. Because newborns can’t speak, touch becomes a language all its Read more
  • Common Illnesses in Toddlers
    Toddlers have a well-earned reputation for collecting germs. That’s why many illnesses in toddlers are so common (as most parents have experienced). This is especially true if your child is Read more
  • Setting Realistic Expectations for Teens
    Teenagers are famous for their rebellious nature. In part, that’s because teens are famous for their desire to grow and to define themselves on their own terms. Teens have an Read more
  • Smooth Transition: Switching From Pediatrician to Primary Care for Your Child
    No matter how much parents might wish for it sometimes, you can’t stop time. That means your child is going to grow–first, into a teenager and then into a full-blown Read more
  • Keeping Sports Positive for Kids
    Sports can be an important part of growing up. Parents might have memories of little league, t-ball or a pickup game of soccer in the backyard. For today’s kids, the Read more
  • Effective Communication with Your Teen
    Raising teenagers is never easy. In fact, when you’re in the process of raising young children, you may often hear a common refrain from older parents: “Just wait until they’re Read more
  • Physical Development in Early Childhood
    Watching your child grow is one of those profound joys of parenting. From first words to first steps to first days of school–these milestones help you mark your child’s individual Read more
  • Promoting Healthy Screen Time Habits
    If there’s one thing teenagers love, it’s their phones. In some ways, this isn’t all that different than it was twenty or thirty years ago (although, those phones were used Read more
  • Active Learning in Early Childhood
    Most parents think of education as a very passive process. They often imagine highly structured classroom settings where teachers transmit knowledge into the waiting, patient minds of students. Unfortunately, this Read more
  • Navigating Teen Friendships
    Growing up is hard. Teenagers, in particular, face some unique challenges. The emotional side of their brains begins to develop very rapidly, allowing for richer and fuller relationships with others. Read more
  • Pros and Cons of Daycare
    As a new parent, one of the first big and important decisions you’ll be faced with will likely concern daycare. The purpose of daycare is simple: to provide parents with Read more

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